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How to Apply

DO NOT apply your sticker in extreme hot or cold conditions.

Step 1 - Rub a credit card across the transfer tape. This removes air bubbles that may have formed and helps the sticker cling to the tape.

Step 2 - Clean the area you're applying the sticker with rubbing alcohol. DO NOT USE WINDOW CLEANER as this leaves behind a residue that can cause issues with the sticker.

Step 3 - Using masking tape to tape the sticker in the desired location.

Step 4 - While still taped, peel the backing off the sticker. Hold the bottom to keep it from sticking to the surface.

Step 5 - Slowly lower the sticker while rubbing it in place with a credit card. Start from the middle of the top and work your way to the edges. Once the sticker is placed, firmly rub the sticker to make sure there is no trapped air. Use a pin to poke holes to remove any air bubbles left.

Step 6 - Wait 5 - 10 minutes before slowly peeling off the transfer tape at an angle. If the sticker starts to pull away, repeat step 5.